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Proven solutions for the industry.

We develop tools for the Aerospace industry. Our tools are focused on providing Aircraft Mechanics more efficient ways of doing their job. Please use the quote button to request more information or pricing on our tools.


Efficient tools for the sealant mechanic.

Bendable blade that allows user to work sealant into joints, creases, and hard to reach areas.

Contains an anodized aluminum handle that utilizes disposable semco sealant nozzles for additional hand working ability.


No more flat heads and putty knives.

The CCM-PRA-1 removes aircraft panels cleanly without marring, scratching or damaging panels in order to protect panel edges and keep radar signatures in tact.

Can be used on ANY aircraft panel

Each side adjusts outward and locks in place, feet and suction cups swivel to conform to the panel.

Multiple panel removal aids can be used to lift larger panels.

CCM-CST-1, -2, -3

Sealing fasteners has never been this fast.

The cap seal tool seals fasteners quickly and effortlessly. The disposable cap reduces traditional tool cleaning time from approximately 20 minutes to zero.

Cup locks onto handle and is bendable in order to access hard to reach places.

Tool can be used more than once while the cap is disposable.

Reduces tool cleaning time from approximately 20 minutes to zero.


The ONLY commercially available aerospace coatings dryer.

A specialized low temperature oven with convection to stir the air and dry primer and other aerospace coatings evenly and efficiently.

Has a built in timer that alarms when timer reaches zero.

Custom sizes are available to meet your specific needs.

FIM Tool Kit

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